New Members

What it means to be a Member of the Order

Joining the Order means taking on a commitment for life. The commitment to be a Witness to the Faith, to lead an exemplary Christian life of continuing charity in support of the Christian communities in the Holy Land, to practise the true charitable commitment of a Christian.

The purpose of joining the Order is to serve the Catholic Church and to carry out acts of charity to make the operations to maintain the Christian presence in the Holy Land possible. The purpose of joining the Order is not to become a member of a prestigious organisation in order to boast of one's status or acquire personal benefits and advantages.

Usually, though not always, a candidate is put forward by an existing Member of the Order. The Lieutenant, Delegate and Section Head with jurisdiction over the area in question will assess the candidate. If his/her attributes are generally considered to meet requirements, the procedures for admission to the Order through the local Lieutenancy will begin.

Candidates must be at least 25 years of age and are distinguished by their assiduous practice of Christian faith, by their moral conduct, by their exemplary involvement in the activities of the Church at the parish and diocesan levels, by their willingness to engage in the specific lay apostolate of the Order at the service of the Church, by their ecumenical spirit, and by their active interest in the needs and problems of the Holy Land. Candidates will be required to supply the following documents prior to admission:

  • Baptismal Certificate, and also for those married, a certificate of Religious Marriage.
  • Curriculum vitae (resume) with specific dates concerning residence and activities.

In addition the Lieutenancy must obtain for the Grand Magisterium:

  • A letter from the candidate's parish priest.
  • Letter of endorsement from his Ordinary.
  • Evidence of merit on behalf of the Holy Land.