Our Symbol

Our symbol is called The Cross of Godfrey.

The Cross, which carries a cross bar at the extremity of each cross piece is also called the "Cross Potent".

At the time of the Crusades, the Cross Potent, with the addition of four small crosses in the four angles, became the coat of arms and emblem of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

It is called the Jerusalemite Cross or the Cross of Godfrey of Bouillon, because tradition has it that the first to carry it was the conqueror of Jerusalem himself.

It is also called the quintuple Cross. This recalls the 5 wounds of Christ, and the scarlet enamel of the insignia of the Knights is a pious reminder of the Blood shed on Calvary. The Cross being of gold (arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, of Palestine, of the Kingdom of Cyprus), constitutes a symbol of the immense value of the Passion.

The large cross reminds one of the need for gentleness of spirit and the four smaller crosses of the virtues of courtesy, charity, expressed better in the concepts of caritas, loyalty and generosity. These are the qualities that Jesus lived by and they are the qualities that all members of the Order should practise in dealings with one another. Being courteous, charitable, generous and loyal are the means by which we bring the love of Christ to others.

Just as the horizontal arm of the Cross requires the vertical spar to support it and give it stability, so the active pastoral outreach of the Order's Knights or Dames, can only be sustained by a firm attachment to the vertical dimension though a commitment to prayer, contemplation and the sacraments. Thus the many practical and praiseworthy works of the Order will continue as long as the spiritual motivation is sustaining their commitment. There is no way to glory but the way of the Cross.